I offer a combination of photography and video.

Phanna's Story a young Cambodian man fulfilling his dream to be a musician.

Julienne: the gacaca judge Julienne talks about her role as a community judge seeking justice for the victims of genocide.

Feza's Story: Feza talks about her experiences during the genocide and rape as a weapon of war.

Welcome to Biera a short multimedia piece about Abba Fitwe, a catholic priest from Biera, Adigrat, Ethiopia.

Dementia ...its a bit of a bugger!  is an online interactive piece. It’s a bit of a bugger! a sensitive but light hearted look at dementia. Contact me if you would prefer a DVD version of the piece.

Gyrokinesis from GYROTONIC® Barcelona Centre in Catalunya

Emily, Kitui, Kenya for CAFOD'S 'Hungry for Change' campaign.

Ipaiche's story about getting land through an OXFAM project in Zimbabwe